Live and Let Live

As a disclaimer, I'm going to start off by ensuring that as you're reading this post, please know that I am 100% aware that I am not perfect, nor am I claiming to be. I have my faults and sometimes yes, I say some things that I realize afterwards, "Did that comment really need to … Continue reading Live and Let Live



I used to be one of those people who thought yoga sounded pretty ridiculous, that it was just some sort of fad that people got into and that it had no real benefit but to bring you pain through insane body postures. Before last July, I was never really surrounded by people that cared about … Continue reading Yogalicious

Count It With Me/Recipe

Fell off the wagon with your new lifestyle diet? You're not alone. We're only human, it happens. Here's how I plan to get back on track with mine!


Look at me - I managed to make a follow-up post without going months between posts. Baby steps to improvement, hah! For those of you who read my last post, "366". You would've read all about my goals for the year and a tiny little update on how I'm doing since my first post back … Continue reading III.

The First Cut is the Deepest.

   Anyone who knows where I got the title of my post from - extra brownie points to ya! I also thought it would be clever since I'm on a cut (a diet where my calories have been reduced, carbs, fats and added protein). First off, I'd like thank thank each and every single one … Continue reading The First Cut is the Deepest.