Urban Decay – Naked On The Run Review

For Christmas, I was fortunate enough to receive this Limited Edition palette as a gift from my wonderful boyfriend. Since I haven't done a review or any post in such a long time, I decided I would do one on this palette but I really wanted to get use out of it before I wrote … Continue reading Urban Decay – Naked On The Run Review



I've been incredibly MIA from my site for a few months. I did not expect school to take my life over as much as it did and on top of that, there were quite a bit of things happening in my life that needed my full attention and still do. Not as many things as … Continue reading Disappearance.

Gelish Nails

Hey ladies 🙂 I have had an absolutely hectic week between interviews, getting ready for school and work, that I haven't had much time to update this week. Consequently, this post will be a short one. Last week, I was fortunate enough to go out and get my nails done with my best friend for … Continue reading Gelish Nails

Violent Gentlemen’s Lady Apparel

If you've read my 'about me' page, you probably read that I am a huge Habs fan. If you're reading this now and wondering what Habs are, they're the Montreal Canadiens. One of the greatest NHL teams (I'm a tad bit biased, but when I say that, I definitely am including the history behind the … Continue reading Violent Gentlemen’s Lady Apparel


Fitness by catarinaalouro featuring NIKE Hey ladies! Happy Sunday night! Hope you're all enjoying your weekends and for all of my fellow Canadians, I hope you had a good weekend whether or not you were celebrating Canada Day early or Pride in Toronto! This weekend I was supposed to head up to Montreal but work … Continue reading Fitness