Healthy Living!

Health has been a very important thing to me for a while now. When I was younger, I didn’t pay attention to what I was eating, how much I was eating or when. All of my tests at the doctor’s always came back normal, so I always continued the path I was on.

I was always super tiny, underweight in fact. People always told me to “go eat something”, even though I did eat. I just didn’t like people watching me eat because I always got comments like that, which in turn would fuel people to say those comments even more. I ate a lot and I ate a lot of unhealthy things in hopes that SOMETHING would help me reach a healthy weight.

Beginning of 2015, I slowly started gaining weight after I started hitting the gym and eating healthier. At first it was muscle and I looked really good. After October 2015, the weight wouldn’t stop coming on and I found myself having gone from 88lbs to 140lbs. Eating right and working out wasn’t helping. I didn’t know what to do.

I saw a naturopath, did food allergy tests, did a food sensitivity diet and even in the 3 months of doing that diet with working out, I gained 30lbs. I felt hopeless. I was referred to an endocrinologist who I met at the end of June 2016 and by August 15th, 2016, I was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease.

By the morning of my surgery on January 27th, 2017, I was 188lbs. This disease was fully out of my control. Surgery was the only solution to not dying. Recovery is a slow process, but the weight is slowly shedding and I’m starting to feel better. Remission is not linear so I could have major progress one week and then the following week it will feel like I took 20 steps back.

2015 (While it was forming but I looked healthy)-2016 (during/morning of surgery) -2017 (3 months post-op)

Between March-May, I was stuck at the same weight. I wouldn’t gain and I couldn’t lose. In my case, not gaining is a really good thing and not losing was discouraging and scary. I always thought my disease was coming back quickly. It wasn’t until I realized that I had seen Arbonne had introduced 30 Days to Healthy Living while I was out of the game and I decided, “why not?”. So many people were having success so I wanted to see if it was possible for me to have change. I knew not to get too discouraged if I couldn’t – after all, I was in remission of a fatal disease.

I decided to come back to Arbonne not as a client, but as a consultant again. I wanted to change my life while changing the lives of others. In my 30 days, I lost 10lbs and my inches went down significantly. The purpose of the challenge isn’t weight loss, but it’ll happen. I immediately gained more energy than what I had, I felt more alert, my insides also felt better.

Those were my changes in just under 2 weeks!! I couldn’t even believe it! Now I use most of the 30 Day Challenge products in my everyday life and I never have to starve myself to do so. Not for the challenge, not for the rest of my life.

I have regained healthy habits and will keep practicing those healthy habits for the rest of my life. Health is so important to me and I truly believe that if you don’t have health, you can’t be as happy as you possibly can be. You can make the most of your life but if you have something in your health you can control to help yourself feel better, do it!

If you’re a client or not, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any questions you may have about the challenge. Remember, as long as you are in a country that Arbonne is in, I can be your mentor!

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