It’s Selfish and Honestly? I Don’t Care.

Hello to all my readers! As you read in my last post, I was in sunny Portugal visiting family and taking it as easy as I possibly can. Of course, I had more down days than I did good but besides getting sick, I enjoyed my trip. I got so see some family I haven’t seen in years and I got to meet a lot of family I’ve never met because they live in Germany. It was pretty awesome to say the least. Here’s a table full of sweets from the 4-day party in the little village my family is from. Enjoy a couple of photos throughout my post 😉

While I was gone, I was able to read a couple of books and truly reflect on myself as a person, my self-care, and ways to up my business game. Truly, the bottom line at the end of the day is: Without your health, you have nothing.

You probably hear that all the time, and if you haven’t, well, it’s true. If you aren’t healthy, it’s hard to do everyday tasks. You get sick with everything. You struggle going to work. You’ll probably always have brain fog. You can’t expand yourself properly throughout the day because your body can’t handle it and it will affect a lot in your life. Personally and career-wise. Don’t try to tell me otherwise because in my life, I am the queen of knowing how lack of health will affect you in all areas of your life.

Now that I’m getting better post-surgery, I am still struggling. I look normal to the naked eye, but deep down, I’m still a bit of a mess. No shame in admitting that. I didn’t have corrective knee surgery where I need like 6-8 weeks downtime and then I’m good with some physio and out the door I go. This was brain surgery and there was a foreign object in my brain messing with my pituitary gland which helps control, well, pretty much your whole body. It was there for YEARS. It’s going to take a couple of years to heal back.

I’ve spent a lot of time worrying about others thinking I’m lazy or letting others tell me I’m fine and I can do a lot more now blah blah. But honestly, they will all have their opinions on what they think I should do, but they are not in my shoes. If you’re struggling through anything health wise, too, and people think they know what to tell you… honestly, F**k ’em. I don’t care if it’s your parents, siblings, you favourite cousin, your grandparents, etc – f * * k what they say if they’re putting you down. When you’re sick or recovering, you only have so much energy to give – don’t let them rob you of that energy you already lack because just listening to people tell you what you should do is energy sucking enough.

I’ve decided I’m done caring. I’m done feeding whatever it is they’re looking to achieve by telling the expert of my body what I should be doing. Or people taking advantage of me wanting to help others etc. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not going to stop answering people or helping them with their stuff – I’m just going to stop doing it at hours that are inappropriate. Some days I wake up with texts from people wanting me to do something for them by 7-8am. That’s when I’m usually getting up but do I do what I need to do? No. I feel guilty and get up and immediately head to my computer or stay on my phone until I figure it out.

B o u n d a r i e s.

I need to set those for myself.

I’ve been writing in a journal and I came up with a set of rules for myself that I am not allowed to break.

I’m not allowed to look at my phone when I get up except when I have to turn off my alarm if I have an alarm set. I will not look at my e-mails and texts until after I’ve had breakfast, done some yoga and gotten ready for the day. I will not look at my social media for personal purposes until I’ve completed my top tasks for the day.

That list above is just the tip of the iceberg of the list I have in my journal. It looks like a lot at first, but that is just because I have to start being strict with myself in making a new routine. Notice how I said being strict with making a new routine – not being strict in what I do to a point where I drive myself crazy. Sometimes forming new habits requires incredible self-disipline.

This all came to me when I was reading Jen Sincero’s Book, “You are a Badass” and she was discussing on making yourself and your needs a priority over others because others will always ask things of you and a lot of us are inclined to do things for others before we do things for ourselves, thus leaving us with minimal time to complete our tasks which then leaves us behind in our lives and stressing out about how we are going to get things done. People will always ask us to do things for them but like Sincero says, “they can wait”. Other people’s needs will forever suck us of our time leaving us with minimal time and that’s not right.

Prioritize yourself. All else will fall into place, others will get what they want/need when you can do it for them and you need to look out for yourself. I love to look at it this way – if I’m exhausted, if I don’t take care of my mind, if I don’t make a list of what I have to do for the day/week, if I don’t allow myself time to prepare for the day, if my files/work  aren’t organized, then I simply cannot give clients and loved ones 100% of what I can give them. Because otherwise, I’m an exhausted, confused, and overwhelmed individual with no time to be ready to face the day, especially when things suddenly come up. Because that’s reality – no day ever goes 100% as planned. Things pop up, emergencies happen and those days take the most out of me in the most negative way possible. When I expand myself too far in 1 day, I get unwell and feel unwell for 2-3 weeks straight. Don’t believe me? You can gladly borrow my recovering body to see how exhausting it is to not ease my way into my day.

Studying, have a couple of marketing clients, a growing Arbonne business and planning my Nutrition business launch for April/May 2018 is keeping my hands full. It’s crucial that I be selfish for my well-being and success. No one reaches their dreams by only doing things for others and not taking care of themselves.

What are you doing to ensure you’re the best you for yourself? Let me know 🙂


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