You See, You Need Vitamin D

I can’t count the amount of times people have told me to be scared of the sun because I am so fair-skinned. I mean, they aren’t totally wrong. I shouldn’t be out in the sun too long without protection.

Don’t let that fear hold you back from enjoying the sun for your benefits!

Get out, go for a walk and go unprotected! … For 15 minuets, that is. Going out in the sun unprotected (aka no sunscreen), gives you 100% of your Daily Value of Vitamin D. It’s further exposure without protection where it starts to increase your chances of the skin cancer, melanoma.

Fun FactSunburns increase chances of melanoma, but safe exposure to the sun without getting a sunburn (those 15 minuets I mentioned) helps you decrease your risk of developing melanoma! How amazing is the body for doing that?!

Sunburns mean the UV rays from the sun have damaged your skin’s DNA which is how the body’s chances of risking developing skin cancer, increases.

Another fear that consumers are finally becoming aware about, is the fact that the sunscreens that are supposed to be protecting us from developing skin cancer, are themselves giving us cancer because of the ingredients used in it. People have been flocking towards “all-natural” sunscreens thinking that they don’t have those harmful chemicals.

But a lot of them still have those harmful chemicals.

There is no law that prohibits companies from using the terms “all-natural” because in order for a brand to slap that onto their product (food or for the body), it just means that there is no added synthetic substances, artificial colours or flavours. Sometimes some natural things are not meant to be used by humans. This never happens, but if it did, you wouldn’t want a product with poison ivy leaf extract in it, would you? It’s natural but it causes a negative response in the human body.

So the moral of “Natural” labels? Doesn’t always mean they’re chemical free.

When looking for a sunscreen, you always want to look at the ingredient list and make sure the two following ingredients aren’t listed:

Zinc and Titanium dioxide.

Why? Because when they mix with the sun’s UV rays, they create a carcinogenic mixture that causes cancer. So what’s the point of slathering on a sunscreen with these products if they’re just going to make you sick anyways?!

You may also want to avoid sunscreens with “retinal palmitate” (a vitamin A compound – not to be mistaken with Retin-A, although they’re from the same family) that helps develop tumours quicker. Also, “oxybenzone”, which absorbs UV light but has been shown that it can be absorbed by our skin and when it does that, it disrupts hormones and causes cell damage that leads to skin cancer. These chemicals are something you also really want to avoid for children.

Now you’re probably wondering where the heck to find a safe sunscreen for yourself and your children. I personally use “ABC Arbonne Baby Care Sunscreen”. I know, it’s for babies but it works amazing on adults, too, I promise! I am yet to get a sunburn using this sunscreen.

It’s SPF 30 and doesn’t have any of the harsh toxins I spoke about above. There’s aloe vera which is cleansing and moisturizing. Chamomile and calendula flower extracts that also aid in moisturizing as well as soothing and calming the skin. Last, but not least, vitamin E which calms and hydrates the skin. No added fillers, toxins, or colours/scents that will irritate your children or yourself! I have eczema and am recovering from a serious disease, so it is super important I have nothing irritate my skin or disrupt my hormones from healing and going back to normal.


Do you have any sun tips? Leave them below!

If you want anymore information on this sunscreen or want to try/purchase some, please let me know! I send samples and you can order without any risks! 🙂



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