F*#K Brain Tumours

I did it.

Saturday, June 3rd I walked in Toronto alongside other brain tumour survivors in a battle to fight brain tumours. I also walked alongside family and friends of those who have passed.  It was a great day and it was such a great environment to be in.

I’ll be honest – I didn’t think I’d be able to pull it off. 2.5km is the most I’ve walked in I don’t know how long. But I did it. I left the hospital February 1st and by June 3rd, I’m walking 2.5km. I don’t give myself enough credit. Considering the fact that only on January 27th I was waddling like a penguin and struggling to breathe while just talking, that’s pretty phenomenal what I was able to do during my recovery. Don’t get me wrong – my body is hurting today and I’m tired (that was a lot for my body) but I did it and didn’t think I could. I know online I talk about positives constantly but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel bad, sore, exhausted, wiped. Because I do. A lot.

I was finally able to meet two other Cushing’s Disease survivors that I have been speaking with for a while. The amount of support and love they send my way is so incredibly amazing and I only hope I can be that for them.

We are all at different stages of our recoveries, but we all deal with the same issues. It was so great to finally people others who have gone through the exact same things that I did.

The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada did such an incredible job in executing this event and I hope I can be further involved for the next walk! They fight for more education/research/support for all the 120 different types of tumours Canadians suffer from – malignant and non-malignant because both are equally as fatal. I actually met a woman going around hugging all of the survivors if they were okay with it – she lost her father only 10 days ago and that was her way of keeping her spirits up. I was in awe at her strength for being there to honour who father after losing him such a short time ago.

Finally being able to attend an event that is so important and to help make a difference, truly sparked a fire in me to be more involved next year since I will be better then. I want to be able to give people hope, increase funding for research on brain tumours and make a change. The fact that the brain is so damn vital to people’s living, it sure as hell confuses me as to why there isn’t more research and care for brain health.

To close this off, I’d love to thank everyone again who donated to myself, Danielle and Margaret. Because of you all, we as a group raised $11,030. That’s absolutely amazing! Thank you for all of your support to help end brain tumours!!


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