30 Day Health Challenge – 3 Day update

3 days in. Such a short period of time for a 30 day challenge.

I started my Arbonne 30 Day Health Challenge on Wednesday and yesterday (Saturday) was my 3 day mark. As many of you know, I am in remission from my surgery in January for Cushing’s Disease. For those of you who are newly reading my blog, my Cushing’s was caused by a brain tumour in my pituitary gland which was secreting severe high levels of cortisol, thus wreaking havoc on my whole endocrine system. The pituitary is like the thyroid in which is helps control the whole body, so my body was in shambles. Luckily, so far, I’m getting better and my weight (my most physical symptom) is getting better and my hormones are going back into place where they should be. So losing weight can sometimes be difficult when it comes to being in Cushing’s remission.

Now, Arbonne’s 30 day health challenge isn’t a fad diet and the main goal isn’t weight loss – except that with implementing healthy habits, you will lose weight. Mostly inches off your body, so don’t get discouraged by the number on the scale. Measurements are more accurate and the way you fit in your clothes. Some people see results right away, some people see it after 2-3 months. Everyone’s body is different and that is absolutely okay!!! We all have our own health differences, so not every single person’s results will be the same.

My 3 day update

Amazing. To say the least. Now, I do have a photo to show how much my stomach went down, BUT, I’m not confident enough to show my body that way, publicly online. Not yet at least. It took just under a year and a half to post images of my “new” face, let alone my body. But in 3 days, I lost 2 pounds and it’s amazing. It’s from the bloating and toxins that were being held into my body.

I have more energy, I feel great and like I can go a full day finishing my tasks. I cannot remember the last time I felt like that. It’s been YEARS. Now, I’m still in remission from a major disease, so I’m still a little tired – that is expected. But I did definitely experience a positive change in energy levels!

My sleeping has increased. I have no problem sleeping in the night anymore, but I did keep waking up too early or having a hard time falling asleep – I fall asleep much easier now and I sleep the full night without waking up slightly. It feels great to sleep and feel much more rested.

Does this sound like improvements that you would like to have?

let me know!!

June enrolment begins THIS week!! (May 22nd-28th) In order to get your product in on time for the June start date!! Anyone who enrols in the challenge gets 40% off, group support, weekly meal plans and grocery lists and the first 5 people to join the challenge get a bonus goodie package by yours truly!

So what are you waiting for to feel better? Email me below in the contact form and say you’re interested in feeling better and we can chat! Can always go here to get a bit more info and contact me as well!


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