Making a Change

Since before my diagnosis with Cushing’s Disease, I begun looking for products that were safer to put on my skin and foods that were safer and more beneficial to ingest. It is something that’s important to me, considering what you put on your skin (your skin is your body’s largest organ) and what you put into your body, does matter.

Every day, we are surrounded by thousands of chemicals that wreak havoc on our bodies, causing us to develop autoimmune diseases, cancers, and hormonal imbalance. This isn’t just a woman’s issue – it’s also a man issue. Bodies are bodies and for the most part, they function pretty much the same minus a few areas.

As I’ve shared with a few people, I am currently working towards receiving my Holistic Nutrition education which will allow me to be able to be a health coach by February 2018 after I receive my first diploma and then by 2019, I will be able to be certified and registered as a nutritionist in Canada. Although Cushing’s was a curse, it was also a major blessing – a blessing I realized before surgery and now after surgery.

It is so very important to be weary of what types of products we use because they do make a difference. Arbonne was a company I was with 3 years ago, but due to timing and my quick development of Cushing’s, I was unable to fully emerge myself into my business while managing school, social life, my dwindling health and so on.

Arbonne is truly a brand I can trust.

That is why I recommend them to everyone. Your whole body will thank you.

Arbonne is not only for women, but also men. Of course, if you’re a man and not into make-up, don’t worry – I won’t force it on ya 😉 But if you’re a man and that’s what you’re interested in, I am here for you! Skin care is also for anybody of any sex, but we have a men’s line for skin care as well. Men – we got you!

Nutrition is also NOT gender specific. It’s a line which Arbonne has truly worked hard in improving while I was out of the Arbonne game. The nutrition line is amazing and will truly change your life. I have a challenge coming up beginning of June, so keep your eyes open for that! All the ingredients are chemical free, vegan and gluten-free friendly, botanical and wholesome! I’ve seen how this line has changed people’s lives for the better within a matter of 1-2 weeks. I truly believe health is a life-long marathon, and not something that should be a goal of 4 weeks only.

Babies also have a line in the Arbonne product line up. Mamas, you will love what Arbonne has for your little bundle of joy(s). Chemical free means no allergy flare ups (unless allergic to certain ingredients) and a happy baby!

No matter who you are, Arbonne has something to help you improve your life!

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You can always head to my Arbonne page here to place an order, but please contact me so I can help you get the best products for you as well as show you how to save 20% off all of your purchases! I’m always here to answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to contact me!

Are you ready to make a change in your life?


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