Foundation to Dry Skin Woes

Having worked at a pretty high-fashion focused mall, I saw a lot of beautiful women come in and out of the store, a lot of them usually wearing flawlessly applied make-up. Over the years, I’ve tried a few foundations here and there but I always found that no matter how many times I changed my moisturizer, how much I put on or how much of a hydrating foundation I bought, my skin would STILL flake or the foundation just wouldn’t go on right. My one major problem area is the little creases where my nostrils and face connect… weird, I know. I can exfoliate, moisturize and prep that area all I want, and my skin still flakes off and looks dry. I started trying foundations when I was about 16-17. I am now 23 years old and I still have that issue. Although it is still a problem for me, I found a foundation that goes on incredibly natural, allows for building up my coverage and doesn’t completely dry me out. Now, mind you, that nose area I have a problem with… Still a problem… Just not as terrible as before 😉

This holy grail foundation is none other than the bareMinerals bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation Broad Spectrum in SPF 20. I went into Sephora a couple of months ago looking for a concealer and a foundation that could work well but not break the bank because my skin is absolutely horrifying lately with all the issues I am going through, I want to cover some of it up. I’m incredibly pale, so I use the lightest shade “Bare Porcelain 01”, in case anyone was wondering.

bareMinerals Sephora
$36 Sephora Canada

The reason this foundation works so incredibly well on my dry skin is because of the added serum. Having worked in a store where they sell serums for skin care, one thing I’ve learned is that serums work wonders for the hydration of your skin on a deeper level than moisturizer does. Both are really important in terms of hydration for your skin, so if you can, invest in a good serum to use 2-3 times a week on your skin. I also love that this foundation doesn’t cause any extra acne on my face. It doesn’t feel heavy or caked on either, which is such a bonus.

I had one of my best friends weigh in on the product since I know she got the same foundation and was wondering what her experience was with it. Thank you Christa for your input! 🙂

Skin type: Combination
Shade: Bare Beige 08
How do you apply your foundation?  Bare Minerals Perfecting Face Brush
How does the product feel/look on your skin?  It feels very light, covers pretty well.
Your thoughts overall on the product quality or any other comments you’d like to make that I didn’t ask you about: I like it, but I find that I’m in between two shades. The shade 07 is too light but 08 is a bit too beige. Other than that, I like it!
My personal opinion when it comes too purchasing foundation is to go to the store (if you have a Sephora close enough to shop at) and get them to swatch the foundation you want, on your face. Don’t do it on your hand since your hand is not the same colour as your face. Ask them to swatch it on the side of your face along your jawline to see that it matches both your neck and face – you don’t want your face to be a different shade!! If you have a foundation you swear by, leave it below and why! 🙂

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