Eat Where?!

I’m not perfect when it comes to my diet – I struggle with chocolate cravings like crazy and although I’m not supposed to eat Nutella by the spoonful or at all, I still do from time to time. Besides those moments of weakness, I know my eating habits have improved and I try to nourish my body with only the best quality foods whenever possible. In the fast-paced world we live in today, sometimes it is difficult to be out a full day, have a full day of meals packed and avoid buying things that aren’t very good for you. Living where I live, there really aren’t many options for people who want to eat clean or eat a vegan diet. I find that I have to go to Hamilton, Burlington or Oakville to get anything remotely healthy in terms of restaurants. I know a lot of my readers are from those three areas, so I decided to give you guys a list and description of the places I go to and why I love them so!

Those of you who know me know I am incredibly obsessed with LettuceLove Cafe and Kelly’s Bake Shoppe in Downtown Burlington. I loved them before I got my test results for my food sensitivities,and I loved them even more after. My results came back where I could barely eat ANYTHING that is in pretty much EVERYTHING – yes, even some of the most natural of ingredients I couldn’t eat (think oats and buckwheat). Although these two locations have a couple of ingredients I couldn’t have, a majority of the products they make were perfectly fine and I never reacted to anything. Before I continue on, these two locations are owned by the ever wonderful mother-daughter duo, Kelly Childs and Erinn Weatherbie. They are both super involved in their businesses, always hands on. They just released their first cookbook “Made With Love” with recipes from both Kelly’s Bake and LettuceLove. Everything is plant-based, no refined sugars, nothing out of a box in terms of being processed. Everything is made fresh and you can really tell the difference when you eat their foods from both locations. Their bowls, “burgers”, smoothies, cupcakes, brownies, bars, etc., are all satisfying and filling. Of course you’re left craving more but it isn’t the type of craving where you feel like you’re going absolutely crazy and feel like you can’t manage without having more (but of course you’ll want more the next day ;] ). At Kelly’s, my favourite thing to get is their infamous “Mile High Brownie”, pictured below. IMG_2753

Every time I get this, it is perfection. Every. Single. Time. And that caramel topping? God. Bless. It’s a good thing I don’t live in Burlington at the moment because I would probably get these 2-3x a week, no word of a lie. At LettuceLove, I absolutely love their B.L.A.T (Bacuns, Lettuce, Avocado, Tomato) and this comes with shredded carrot as well. I’m not too fond of carrot on my sandwiches, so I usually ask to get it done without it. I also absolutely LOVE their brunch on weekends. They have different options (I usually get the Classic – “eggs”, fruit, and a hashbrown mix of regular potato/sweet potato), but the one pictured below is their Pancake plate with side of tofu bacon, fruits, hashbrowns and maple syrup. These ones had added chocolate chips and I believe bananas as well. Again, all 100% vegan friendly!IMG_5042

The other restaurant I went to was Karmah Restaurant in Oakville. Everything there is also 100% vegan friendly and they are soy-free!! Great for those who really want/need to avoid soy in their diets. I haven’t had a whole ton from their location, but the two products I’ve had were amazing enough for me to decide I want to go back whenever I’m back in Oakville. I had their S’mores Donut and the Sleepy Time Nut Mylk which consists of vanilla, cinnamon, agave, hemp with their own homemade almond mylk! I didn’t get a photo of the mylk, but I definitely got a photo of the donut. Surprised I did though – I wanted to devour that donut in 3 seconds. This is their instagram to view all the other amazing foods they sell.

Karmah Donut
S’mores donut…uhm… YUM. 
For now, those are the top 3 places I have to suggest! There are quite a few other locations I want to get to for suggestions. Boon Burger is opening soon in Downtown Burlington so that will definitely be up shortly after they open, I hope! Do you guys have any places you suggest? Leave them below!! (JSYK, it doesn’t have to strictly be vegan. I’m not vegan, so I will eat anything. I just happen to eat a lot of vegan based foods because it aligns better with my diet restrictions!).



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