I used to be one of those people who thought yoga sounded pretty ridiculous, that it was just some sort of fad that people got into and that it had no real benefit but to bring you pain through insane body postures.

Before last July, I was never really surrounded by people that cared about their health, physical activity or eating right.  I got to do an event at the Lululemon in the mall for the store I work for and I met some really amazing people. They started to talk to me about yoga and I became a little more interested. A couple of months later, I did another event at a yoga studio where they allowed me to do a class for free after I did the event. First yoga class I ever did and it was restorative yoga with the room a little warmer than normal but not completely hot like a hot yoga class. I had never felt so relaxed, even in the midst of feeling incredibly stressed and overwhelmed. It is really hard for me to de-stress, which is something I really need to work on. I’ve since joined the gym near my house that now has yoga and I started but never really got to stick to a routine since school got in the way.


There are times when I want to do yoga but my favourite class is being offered during a time I can’t go at. In order to get my yoga fix in, I use youtube as my saviour. One yogi that I follow is Yoga With Adriene. She has absolutely amazing videos for anyone at any level. Beginners, intermediates and expert. She has videos for releasing stress, healing your gut, stretching during the day if you have a desk job… The list goes on and on.

My favourite videos are ones targeted towards waking up and going to bed. It’s the perfect thing to do for relaxation to start and end your day. A nice and gentle way to begin or end with movement that isn’t too overwhelming or strenuous. If you find yourself having a hard time getting up off the couch to do anything, here is the perfect video for couch potatoes! Now you have no excuse to not start doing some yoga 😉

Are you already a yogi? What is your favourite pose or type of yoga to do? Have any advice you’d give to someone beginning yoga? I’d love to hear from you!! Leave a comment below or e-mail me at !



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