An End to a New Beginning 

Those of you close to me know I have finally finished my last year of post secondary! I completed my marketing degree and I couldn’t be happier! It was not an easy ride in between dealing with health issues, school itself, balancing school, work and health and finding time for myself. But I did it, I finished and it’s finally over! 

To celebrate on this beautiful Saturday after I completed my final school-related task, I went to Burlington for brunch and a a nice stroll along the lake. I haven’t been outside or as active as I had hoped so I took an impromptu walk to enjoy the weather. I used to live in Burlington and it has grown even more beautiful since I moved so it was nice to enjoy downtown a little. Since I started working in Burlington last year, I’ve had an incredible craving to move back. One day I will. One day. 

For brunch, I went with a special someone and we ate our hearts out at Lettuce Love Cafe. I had the “classic” and the other dish was pancakes! So delicious and filling – never a disappointment whenever I eat there. I’ve been there so often that the front of house girl recognizes me now. Oops! 

Anywho, this was just a little update as to where the heck I’ve been. It’s been hard finding personal time to fully care for myself. I’ve had tiny improvements but nothing major. It’ll take time. Now that I’m done school, I can focus on myself better and really clean up my act. Those who don’t know, I was put on an elimination diet for 3 months because I was sensitive to so many foods but I fell off the wagon the last 2 weeks of school. Monday I start my lifestyle change again and begin really focusing on my yoga and fitness. I also really want to start this back up again between looking for employment in my field of study so there is lots to do! Looking forward to enjoying life from here on out. So many self-improvement goals but my physical and mental health are the first to tackle 🙂 


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