Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had an amazing, safe and exciting night last night! To those of you who had/have an insane hangover… I hope water was your best friend 😉 .

2015 was an incredibly strange year for me as I shared on here already. A lot of highs and a lot of lows. School was a challenge yet incredibly rewarding. January 12th I’ll be going into my 5th straight semester without stopping (aka I’ve only had 2.5 weeks of break between each semester), last semester was my most difficult semester mentally and physically yet it was the semester I did the best in, in terms of all my 5 years of post-secondary. I got an amazing new job thanks to my wonderful manager. I have a job I don’t hate and hope to be able to expand into further once I graduate. I’m surrounded by co-workers who aren’t really co-workers but more like family. My new job has also helped me grow as a person, mentally and physically. It also teaches me everyday about others around me. I also got to spend a bit more time in the gym than I ever have in my life. I learned more about weight lifting, macro tracking etc. Although my goals didn’t go as planned (weight gain, strange diagnosis, school taking over my life more than I ever expected it to), I plan on tweaking some goals and continuing on with what I’ve been improving since November.

I know back in October I wrote a post about goals and then an update post, but like I said, school completely took over and I was completely immersed in school and my job. So because of school, my job was the only other thing I could really focus on in my life properly. It totally took its toll on me and time management is something I thought I had under control but this time around, I’m definitely going to improve upon that. (Shout out to my manager Annette for having a heart-to-heart with me about allowing myself to be selfish about my wellness!!) Without health, you WILL burn out and you WON’T get anything done. I nearly had a mental breakdown near the end of the semester and my body broke out into hives for 2 and a half weeks without stopping and my body was beyond exhausted from no sleep. So if anyone wanted to know what “Update 2” would consist of – it’s all of that, ha!

With the next 366 days that we have ahead of us (yes guys – this year is in fact, leap year), these are my goals… in case anyone cares to know.

  1. Wellness – continue improving my diet (actually counting my macros properly, eating more veggies, controlling my cravings etc); taking time for myself (sleep, fitness, taking 25 mins to watch a show on Netflix etc); lastly, dealing with my anxiety better by finding coping mechanisms that better work for me.
  2. Financially – Anyone who knows me knows when I was younger I totally spent money on anything and everything I wanted whenever I got a good paycheque. I’ve improved immensely on that and plan to continue that path. I’m saving up for future student loan payments and enough for a new car come April!
  3. Connecting – I want to better connect with those in my life. I’m a really socially awkward person because I’m always anxious about impressing people and I want to let go about worrying so much on impressing who I’m speaking to and focus more on just being myself. I don’t really get to show people that and I want to be able to. I let that worry get to me so badly that I can’t even make proper conversation and stutter so I’d really like to improve on that this year!
  4. Blog – I’m hoping to improve my posts this year whenever I can. Definitely after graduation 😉

I’d like thank everyone in my life who has put up with me and my issues in the past year and those who have consistently supported me when I know it hasn’t been easy at all. I’m incredibly grateful and just so you all know, you CAN talk to me about anything ever bothering you – I’m here for you all like you’re here for me 🙂

Hope everyone has an amazing year and if there is one thing I learned in 2015 is that things are what you make it – if you don’t try and make  your year a good one, it won’t be. Yes, some situations are incredibly crappy and it’s so hard to be positive about it, but I promise if you just march on forward and give life your best, it won’t suck as hard when you get out of the situation on the other end. You’ll also be a much stronger person because of it.

Let me know of any resolutions/goals you have down below! I’d love to hear them!!



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