The First Cut is the Deepest.

Anyone who knows where I got the title of my post from – extra brownie points to ya! I also thought it would be clever since I’m on a cut (a diet where my calories have been reduced, carbs, fats and added protein).
First off, I’d like thank thank each and every single one of you that read my post last week about my struggle with my weight, my plans to improve it and giving myself a kick in the butt to go to the gym. Thank you for all the encouragement, kind words and thoughts sent my way. I really appreciate it all!! I promised updates and that is what I’ll do. I was hoping to have this up this past Friday/yesterday, but school work, work and personal life got in the way of writing. Had to pick the top priorities and this could honestly wait until tonight! Typically, they’ll be up each Friday after my morning classes.

I mentioned in my original post that I had set up a meeting with a naturopath. My amazing boyfriend, Eric, came with me to the appointment and although he had to sit alone downstairs for 30 mins, he was welcomed up after all the personal, nitty-gritty questions/details were completed. So thank you to him once again for being the champ that he is for being bored for a long 30 minutes! In the 75 minutes spent with my naturopathic doctor, I learned so much about my body than I ever did in 22 years of going to a family doctor. She got to the root of my problems, explained how I’m affected mentally and physically by my problems and how my mental and physical states affect one another etc. It all really is a vicious cycle with anxiety so it is important to treat both my physical ailments while practicing positive mindsets as best I possibly can.

I could bore you all with the full details but, I’ll try to keep it as short and simple as I possibly can. My adrenal systems are absolutely shot. This is common for college/university students from lack of sleep and being overly stressed. So on top of me being a student with little sleep and being stressed from school, I have the added anxiety/panic disorder that also adds to stress levels. Next, I went 6 years without being able to properly eat so I lacked proper nutrition and healthy body weight. After going so long without eating a variety of foods, you can develop food sensitivity. That may be a possibility, I need to get that tested. She explained that along with my adrenals being shot, if my body didn’t recognize food, it wouldn’t get absorbed into my body properly and instead sit between my cells which causes fat growth and painful bloating. When your adrenal systems aren’t supported properly, you can also begin to gain weight. So many different things tie into one another so she got me to do a diet for 2 weeks.

Cut insanely down on carbs, calories remain the same since I’ve been horrible at my cut for months and actually never fully followed it (oops, 5 cheat days out of 7 days of the week really doesn’t constitute for a diet, shame on me). All my foods had to be room temperature, warmed, cooked, roasted etc. Nothing cold (I fully forget 100% what the reasoning was behind this – there was a lot of knowledge thrown my way and I didn’t retain every single little detail for anyone wondering why nothing cold). I was also supposed to cut out dairy but I put that in my coffees… oops. I was also told to get adrenal support, digestive bitters, probiotics and an extra-strength deglycyrrizinated licorice (DGL) to help with inflammation of the stomach when I eat. I’ve posted links on the words so you can check it out if you’re interested! I won’t bore anyone with the details 😉

Overall, I’ve noticed a change in my stomach. It’s not as flat as a board, but it is flatter. I’m not bloating painfully anymore. I don’t feel as though there is a bowling ball inside my stomach. I did take a “start” photo and then I took one two days after. The start photo was in the morning when I woke up and the 2nd day photo was in the middle of the day after eating meals and you can really see the difference! I will not be posting these yet since I am still incredibly upset with myself. I’m not confident in showing these to the world and that level of vulnerability just isn’t an option for me yet. Tuesday I am meeting with her again, it really isn’t exactly 2 weeks but I am celebrating my one year anniversary with Eric on Friday and Thursday is a much needed “Me-day” since I owe that to myself – not leaving the city I live in for the first time in weeks, maybe months actually. Much wellness time needed. I’m hoping that there is more in the upcoming meeting that I can learn to help improve myself!

In terms of the gym – I went back and I was WEAK. Legs was my first day and I can usually squat 95lbs – I went all the way back down to squatting only 55lbs. The rest of my week, my work outs were subpar compared to what they were before I was sick but I need to remember my body is still recovering and I am on a cut. Low carbs and low calories will not make for a super strong person. But the struggle is needed to reach my ultimate goal and then I can up my calorie and carb intake. It is okay to take it easy at the gym when you’re recovering – do what you can, just not overdoing it to a point where you hurt yourself. Hoping the second week back in will be better, although after spending a week at GoodLife, I am NOT looking forward to going back to my subpar, broken/rundown gym. Will most likely be doing the switch after my contract is up at my current gym. *thumbs up*

It’s pretty beautiful, if you ask me.
Thanks again for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions, seriously any questions at all about any similar struggles and want some advice, or have questions about the gym or what I’m using to benefit my health, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or e-mail me at . I’m more than happy to chat!



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