The Body Shop – Almond Hand & Nail Butter

It’s that time of year – you thought your dry winter skin was bad but then spring begins to show up and disappear suddenly leaving your skin even more parched than it was before. If you never get like this, I will just say right now that I am incredibly jealous and may slightly hate you for it (just kidding, but the jealousy remains). I will say, however, that my skin situation gets worse mainly because I have had eczema my whole life. It isn’t as bad as it once was when I was young but it has its moments and I get my fair share of hives from quick changes to my skin.

In the past couple of weeks, I have noticed my hands become the part of my body that have been greatly affected by the whether changes along with the fact that I work in the food industry. Constantly washing my hands dries them out a lot quicker and I lose all the moisture in my skin. My knuckles, in between my fingers and my thumbs are completely dried out, red and painful. I had an amazing hand cream but it ran out and I decided that I needed to find another hand cream and quick – the one I used to use is from a store 45 minuets away and there is no time get there easily in my super busy schedule.

One of my favourite stores ever has always been The Body Shop. Naturally, that is the first place I went. If you are aware about the symptoms of eczema, your skin is much more sensitive to chemicals so going as natural as possible is always the best way to go. The Body Shop allows me to shop freely without having to worry about getting irritated skin. A line I have always liked from testing in stores was the “Almond Butter”. It’s a line that is focused on extra moisture for your hands and nails which makes it perfect for when you are giving yourself a manicure or just want your hands and nails to get that extra bit of moisture. Best part of it all, anyone with any skin type can use this and it’ll work wonders on you.

  I was too silly to remember to get a before picture of my hands but I bought this yesterday (March 25th) and the difference I feel and see in my hands in incredible today (March 26th)! Much softer, the redness in my hands has gone down and my skin doesn’t burn as much as it did. Of course, my hands aren’t fully healed but the relief this product gives me is just absolutely phenomenal. Bonus: It doesn’t leave my hands greasy and I don’t need to use a ton of the product to get relief!

To be specific, this product contains sweet almond oil, Community Fair Trade shea butter, soya oil and beeswax. These products mixed together smell great. I could put it on all day.  This product is a bit on the pricey side (speaking from a student perspective). It is $20 and can be purchased here or at your local Body Shop store. If you are a student though – you’re in luck! If you have an SPC card, you can get 10% off your entire purchase or, if you aren’t a student, you can sign up for the Body Shop’s Reward card! It does cost $10 to join but you get 10% off purchases in-store or online and you get exclusive offers for members only! Birthday month? $10 reward put onto your card! For full details, click on the link above under ‘Reward card’ and it’ll direct you to all the information you need to know!

Are there any hand creams out there that are your saviour? Share below!


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