I’ve been incredibly MIA from my site for a few months. I did not expect school to take my life over as much as it did and on top of that, there were quite a bit of things happening in my life that needed my full attention and still do. Not as many things as there once were, but my life still needed more attention than me worrying about updating my site. I don’t like to post things for the sake of posting things. When I write posts about make up, clothes, food, etc., I want it to be something worth reading. It needs to be quality over quantity always for me. I’m hoping that now since the semester is dwindling down, I can hopefully get back to writing posts. Financially, it has been an extreme struggle and I can’t necessarily write about new products, but I will be doing my best to make-do with what I can. Can’t wait to get back to this.

I have been feeling inspired by other beauty bloggers and the change in my major at school. I am finally in the correct one and am hoping it will bring me to the goals I want to achieve. Having a career in event planning, PR and blogging are hopefully what I achieve.

Hope to write more soon.



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