Violent Gentlemen’s Lady Apparel

If you’ve read my ‘about me’ page, you probably read that I am a huge Habs fan. If you’re reading this now and wondering what Habs are, they’re the Montreal Canadiens. One of the greatest NHL teams (I’m a tad bit biased, but when I say that, I definitely am including the history behind the organization. Super amazing reads even if you’re not a huge Habs or hockey fan).

George Parros is a player who joined the Habs for the 2013-2014 season as an enforcer. He is part of a clothing line back in Los Angeles called “Violent Gentlemen“. Parros is the main reason why I heard of Violent Gentlemen and I thank him greatly for bringing such a kick-ass clothing line into my life (a clothing line with a greater meaning behind it, if I may add). Super great apparel for men and women no matter which hockey team they cheer for. There are shirts/sweaters with specifically just Violent Gentlemen on it or shirts dedicated to teams during the season. For the complete info on what Violent Gentlemen stand for, check out the link here.

Monday night I finally received my women’s tank that I had been dying to get! Took a bit over two weeks, but so worth the wait. The same thing goes for the tights I bought, which are photographed below the photo of me in my tank. The tights say “Ice in Our Blood” which I absolutely love. I’m 100% purchasing the heather grey tights once fall begins to roll around. For those of you ladies who enjoy hockey, definitely toss these guys a follow on twitter. Super interactive and helpful. If you have any questions, just contact myself here or the Violent Gents on twitter 🙂

Snug Beauty- Violent Gentlemen tank

Snug Beauty- Violent Gentlemen



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