On a much lighter note (as opposed to my previous post earlier today), I just want to share my new hair colour with you all. I got my hair done on Wednesday by the wonderful Sarah Misiuda at S & A Beauty Supplies and Hair Salon in the current town I live in. As you may have noticed in some photos I have posted, I had blonde in my hair. Of course, that is not my natural hair colour, but the brunette is.
Hair Snug beauty Catarina Matos

Sarah did a fantastic job with helping me choose the brown I wanted for my hair – we both chose the perfect shades! This looks exactly like my natural hair colour before I ever dyed it. If you live anywhere close to Brantford, you should definitely give this location a chance. I only ever get my hair done by Sarah, but the other two hair stylists do amazing work as well! Either one of the three are worth the visit! Plus, prices are incredibly reasonable. 

At the front of the salon is where all the beauty supplies are. Managed by Sara Stancu (check out her blog by just clicking her name – amazing reads!) who can tell you anything about all the products they sell. Seriously- she’s been such a great help on top of what my hairdresser tells me about products. DevaCurl? I was educated on it and I will never look back again. Hello bouncy, hydrated curls! 

Happy Friday everyone 🙂




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