Eye Brightening Saviours

Hey ladies 🙂

If there’s one thing us busy ladies deal with is not enough sleep and dark circles that are way too dark for our liking. I’ve been looking everywhere for a good concealer but so many of them are yellow tone. I finally found a corrector that is a pink tone and does more than just cover my dark circles.

Bobbi Brown Corrector - Snug Beauty

Bobbi Brown’s Colour Corrector in Porcelain Bisque is perfect for my ultra fair complexion. It covers my dark circles, brightens the skin around my eyes, on my cheek bones and does not crease! Below is a photo of what it looks like. Super natural 🙂

Snug beauty Catarina eye

To settle and give the corrector a flawless finish, I apply Make Up Forever’s HD Finishing Powder with a powder brush. It gives a super flawless finish and doesn’t wash you out.

Snug Beauty Make Up For Ever - Snug Beauty

It’s a loose powder and I bought the mini size since I’m on a budget, but it will honestly last a very long time. Although the colour corrector is not a concealer, it does just the job without having to buy a concealer 🙂

Have any awesome correctors or concealers you’d like to share? Comment below 🙂



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