Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out
Hi Ladies!
I apologize for the lack of posts this week. I’ve been super busy with work, planning a trip and coming up with better posts/upgrading the blog that I completely checked out of posting actual posts. This one I meant to post yesterday as “Outfit of the Week” which I will be doing every wednesday.
This week’s late outfit is inspired by a GNO that I will be having Saturday night with my girls in Montreal (one that is long overdue). All of these products are under $50CAD which is perfect for us girls on a budget. I’ll be keeping budgets in mind for most outfits, but once in a while I will definitely choose splurge-worthy outfits. All items are below along with the prices.
Hope you enjoy and don’t be shy to send ideas for future outfits! Any type of tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories etc., that you’d love to see incorporated somehow into future outfits 🙂

Skater dress

2b bebe pumps

Gold jewelry

Clinique mascara

Lip gloss makeup


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