Snug Beauty

Welcome to my blog, Snug Beauty!

I’m Catarina and I’m just beginning my new blog adventure. I’m here to give any insight, opinions and thoughts on all things that have to do with make up and clothing. I’m not the type of girl to give tutorials on how to put make up on (God knows I’m definitely not even close to being one of the best at make up application), but I will give reviews on my personal experience with products! I’ll do the same with clothing trends. As you’ll notice in the future, I will also be posting about hockey, food and travel!

Snug beauty is all about finding comfort in yourself. Finding who you are, being close to yourself and comfortable. I’m no expert in what I’ll be writing about but that is my goal with this site – to further expand my knowledge to become the best at it as I can be. I just want to share it all with you!

Don’t be shy and say hello and introduce yourself! Check out my ‘About Me’ page to read more and send me a direct e-mail at the bottom of that page with anything! A hello, a bit about yourself, what you’d like to see on the blog, etc!

Looking forward to speaking to you all!

Much love,



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